Giveaways & Contests

Running contests or giveaways for your business on your website or your social media platforms are a great idea.

Just some the reasons why you should run contests and giveaways.

  1. A great way to introduce and bring attention to a new product or service.
  2. Why not reward your current fans for being fans.
  3. Makes your fans feel important and involved.
  4. Get in on the action of trends happening for your SEO (i.e. Valentines Day, etc)
  5. Increase your subscription list for your email marketing
  6. Increase your fanbase
  7. Increase engagement on your pages (which in turns increases your rankings)

HoM Consulting can help you run that contest or giveaway:

  • We use a few of the standard industry contest/giveaway platforms that will help with the success of running your contest. Using a third party app helps you with your results.
  • Create and run your contest on any of your Social Media Platforms (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.)
  • Assist you with establishing clear goals on what you want to accomplish with your contest/giveaway.
  • Create measurable statistics so that you recieve the best results that can be shown to your business.
  • Help with understanding the value of what you’re giving away and what you’re getting in return.
  • We worry about the legalities behind your contests/giveaways.

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