You want me to blog too- Who has time- (1)As a small business owner you should have a blog and create consistent content for that blog.If you’re a small business owner and have a website (as you should) and not blogging you are missing a huge opportunity to connect with your customers.

Blogging can do the following for your business:

  • Drive traffic to your website, where you do business!
  • Help your SEO because you’re continuing to share fresh and new content to your site. It will continue to BOOST that SEO.
  • Shows that your business is an expert or even better, shows your have a personality. You can build trust by providing valuable and informative content in your field. Blogging can also allow people to see your personal side of your business.
  • Helps your business with building better relationships with your customers/potential customers. Blogging is an easy way to connect with your cusotmers/fans.

HoM Consulting can provide your small business with:

  • Assist with creating/maintaining an editorial calendar for your blog.
  • Create content off of agreed upon subject matter. (write your blogs)
  • Post your blog properly to your blog site (website).
  • Share you blog via bookmarking sites (backlinks) and also social share.


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