HoM Consulting offers many services for the Small Business owner.


  • Social Media – No need to struggle with applications and on-line jargon. We can educate you or we can manage your social media platforms for your business.  Platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Marketing – your business needs a Marketing Plan, we can help you develop and maintain your marketing plan.
  • Branding -Success comes from leaving your mark in the industry, let us help you brand your business.
  • Public Relations – Your business needs to be seen, we can create a buzz that will drive traffic to increase sales and recognition.
  • Email Marketing -We can assist in growing your list and getting your message out through strategic email campaigns.
  • Giveaways and Contests – These are great resources to grow, reward and get your message out to your customers.
  • Blogging – We can guide you to create and manage interesting content.
  • Small Business Consulting – Every business needs a new perspective now and again. We can offer you a fresh look at your business and help you with honest approach to expanding your vision.
  • Website Development/Consulting -Every business should have one! We can build one from scratch or we can make suggestions on your current website and implement some modern solutions.
  • Content Generation -we can help you create your content for your marketing, digital or print campaigns.