AfternoonDoodlesMarketing, that’s a huge and complex word to use when it comes to Small Business.  HoM Consulting takes a no nonesense approach to Marketing your Business. We get to know your business so that we can consult you on the best avenues when it comes to marketing and digital media. We understand that businesses need to understand their financial investment into their marketing and where the dollars should be spent. We will help you spend marketing dollars where we know it can work.

HoM Consulting can provide marketing assistance:

  • Plan and Budget your marketing plan.
  • Create and develop a marketing plan. You can’t start without a plan.
  • Marketing materials
  • Assist your business on keeping on track with your campaigns.
  • Develop a creative and idealistic approach to your marketing plan.
  • Understand your customer base, not only demographic information but their behavior.
  • Implement and execute your marketing plan strategically so that you can measure what’s working.
  • This list could go on an on…..

Contact Kate today to discuss your Marketing.

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