Why I Encourage Small Businesses To Blog

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Why I Encourage Small Businesses To Blog

Yeah, I’m beating this subject to death across all platforms, why not blog about it. I am passionate about guiding business, big or small, to create fresh content by writing a blog consistently. I’ve put together some reason why I am “pushy” about the subject.

  1. Your competition is doing it. This sounds petty, I know. But it’s true. They are doing it. They are providing value to their customers, potential customers, followers and readers. Why shouldn’t you? Don’t you want to keep up?
  2. There’s this little thing called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It’s a pretty important piece of being found and search engines love fresh new content and what easier way to do that, blog. To make this stick you have to do this consistently.
  3. Show them you know your stuff. Blogging is a great way to show people, your potential customers, that you’re the real deal. You talk the talk and walk the walk, show them by blogging about your expertise.
  4. Educate. Blogging is a wonderful way to educate people.
  5. Show the softer side. Blogging allows you to show who you are as a brand. What your perspectives, your vision, and more importantly your personality. This is very important for small businesses that are servicing their local communities.
  6. Reach more people. Blogging and writing articles allows for sharing. If one person is interested in what you’re saying there are probably more waiting to hear what you have to say. Blogs that are of interest to people are then shared. Sharing is caring, oh and it also allows you to reach more people.
  7. Allows you to connect and have conversations with your customers or potential customers. Writing a blog allows you to ask questions to your readers. Open a dialogue on business specific topics. Allowing for comments and feedback on your blog will allow you to respond and interact with them. I have seen many businesses use this to build out their FAQs. What a great idea!
  8. Builds trust. Blogging really does build trust. The more you open up about your business and topics that are important to your readers the more they will trust you.
  9. Show them how passionate you are. Who doesn’t like to jump on board with people that are passionate? Passion for what you do can really come through in a blog. Write what you’re passionate about and it will actually make it very easy for you.
  10. Easier than updating page content. Let’s be honest, writing and rewriting website content can get daunting. You know that search engines need updated content, this is much easier to keep it fresh.
  11. It’s another page on your website. We know that this means more opportunity to get indexed and get found when someone is searching. (Keep in mind those long tail keywords when building out).
  12. Linking. Blogs can help you link to other content on your site. This could be something associated with a service or product you sell. Take advantage of that.
  13. Blogging allows for more meaningful email marketing campaigns. Sharing your blog post in an email campaign makes you less of salesmen. It’s showing your subscribers that you’re more than selling a product or service. You’re giving them some value for being a subscriber.

One of many struggles I see businesses have when it comes to writing a blog consistently is over thinking it all. Stop getting in your own way to accomplish all the above and get writing. If you can’t do it, due to time or you know you’re getting in the way of accomplishing this, find someone that can help. This could even be an employee or someone dedicated to your marketing. Bottom line, start creating meaningful, relevant content for your customers.


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